Loopmash version 1

How do I get Loopmash version 1 these days?
Only downloading and using Cubase 5?
Thanks for reply!!

You’ll have to use an old version of Cubase, but there’s no reason to use Loopmash 1 because Loopmash 2 is fully backwards compatible and it’s capable of all of the same things.

Thank you Tp for your answer.
I fell in love with the 1. It’s simpler than the other, and I am a beginner…
I wonder where to get Cubase 5, given that there’s no download link in the Steinberg support pages…

The only difference is that Loopmash 1 has slightly fewer controls, it’s not any easier to use than 2. 95% of the controls in 2 are where they used to be in 1, or very close. No reason to use a far inferior version of Cubase just for this.