LoopMash VSTi - not the FX module

I’m experiencing extreme instability and non-response from the LoopMash instrument.

I have not bothered with the VSTi for quite some, but now that I am - I am quite surprised to see how problematic it is. Am I alone in this :question:

Did tests on my old Win7(32) & Cubase 8.5 - rendering is a hi&miss affair. Quite often the process starts, proceeds to 20% and then sits there… Cubase then becomes non-responsive, requiring a complete machine re-start.

Experienced the same issues on my Win8.1(64) & Cubase 9.5 & 10. It works fine enough until one attempts to either FREEZE or RENDER - then Cubase crashes.

My current workaround is to do a live export & then import… painful time waste :frowning:

anyone :question:

Yes, same here. Win 10, Cubase 10.0.10. LoopMash constantly freezes during mixdown. Normal mixdown unuseable.
By the way it also freezes if I click a second time on an already blinking pattern number while it waits for the next bar.

Why do you make an export and import? Simply create a group track. Send the LoopMash output to that group. Then create an audio track and assign the group as its input. When you click the record button on that target audio track the output of LoopMash will be recorded directly. You could push buttons in the LoopMash plugin and do a live mix :wink:
By the way this works with any VSTi.

If you want to record all eight LoopMash outputs simultaneously you need to work with eight groups and eight audio tracks of course.