LoopMash2 ...

… is a funny toy! :astonished: :laughing: :sunglasses:

LoopMash2 is what LoopMash1 never was and it seems like LoopMash1 was rushed out through the door for one reason or the other. I’m not sure if my lack of enthusiasm for LoopMash1 somehow shone through in the old forum but I’m not stubborn. LoopMash1 just barely held the beats together, and that was only in the best of the supplied presets and no matter what you did it led to aural pain, hate and depression. IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN RELEASED IN THAT SORRY STATE!

But … somebody changed something in LoopMash2 and now it works!!! Credit where credit is due! I’ve just opened it and fooled around for a while and there are a lot of funny noises in there that could spice up songs here and there, no doubt. The key ingredient, the grooves, now swing like they should, as much as static loops can … and there is room for tweaks with all sorts of controllers. I’m not a hardcore loopist to begin with so I probably won’t base songs on this but as a funny toy LoopMash2 is more than useful!!! Thumbs up to whoever fixed this!


Hi Ulf,

Thank you for the feedback, we knew we had to do something with it. :mrgreen:

thumbs up

yep good improvement on the last version !


+1 for crazy fun!!
never upgraded to v5 so this all new to me =D

1+ what a difference to 5.5.2, it’s groovy baby! :sunglasses:

But I still wonder how I bring this loopmashed tool into action in my rock or jazz projects…
Any tip?
Thanks in advance!

:laughing: :wink: :sunglasses:

Ok, just fiddled around. First create a VST instrument w/ loopmash including a MIDI track (?!). Around C0 and up on the MIDI track you can control loopmash (needs more investigation and probably some documentation exploring :unamused: ). Then just route loopmash to an audio exit (I had to create another audio track to record the ouput).

Hope that helps, I am just tired after spending soo much quality time on C6. First impression rocks :sunglasses:

erm… misunderstanding! I have a hunch…that LoopMash is hardly not usable for non-electronic music, like rock or jazz or orchestral tunes… that´s all!
:sunglasses: (P.S: I´m a midi specialist since end of 80s, no kiddin´, I know how to use VSTis in Cubase;-)

just use loops that are all 7 chords :ugeek:

…ok, you win: I will do it when I get C6… :wink:

soory no offence and I totally aggree, loopmash is more for electronic techno and trance stuff … but wait, using orchestral tunes with loopmash? something to try out :laughing:

Loopmash 2 is awesome… So much better than Loopmash 1. I was just messing about with it this evening. It’s great for coming up with really cool messed up loops - great for electronic type music… I’m sure I will be using it to do some fun stuff in the very near future!

Aloha Central
IMHO you are right using LM in a typical jazz setting. (a typical combo setting; 3-4-5- piece etc)

But I have found a way to use LM in a Big Band ‘latiny’ jazz type setting.

Imagine a ‘Louis Prima’ or ‘Cab Calloway’ or ‘Desi Arnez’ type groove. (Babaloo!)

LM can provide a kind of ‘moving’ percussion’ type sound ‘rumbling underneath the floor’.
Mixes well with all the natural percussion.

OTOH I have not found a way to use it in a ballad. :frowning:


that´s great and good for you. :slight_smile:
Note: play back ready-made audioloops with a lot of included factory presets, and only pressing buttons with functions like reverse, stuttering, doublespeed, scratch up and down. And that in real time.
in my personal subservient view: this has nothing to do with making music! :wink:
I think, when my cat runs along on the piano keys, it has a similar effect…
Nevertheless, I welcome this irmpovement. No kidding. And LM looks very good.
Although, I will never use LM. I´m so sorry guys.
But…yes, I feel ashamed that I’m a real musician/pianoman/keyboarder.

I had a quick play with it the other day… i totally agree that LM1 SHOULD and hopefully WAS killed with fire! it was dreadful! this looks like it could be a bit of fun though! I do a bit of drum and bass on the side for a laugh so i might give it a good tryout in the next few weeks…
I LOVE jazz, totally passionate about it but come on guys! jazz IS the cutting edge of music…at it’s very heart it’s about pushing boundaries and coming up with new sounds and new ways of doing things… always has and always will be! Look at the way it assimilated drum and bass so quickly and then what it went on to do with it! it caught everyone totally by surprise! check out some ‘jazzanova’ if you have never heard of them… just might change your mind! :wink: … you can bet when miles was doing biatches brew then if tools like this were around he sure as hell would have been using them!

lol i can’t believe i have just defended loop mash! :astonished:

How much did they pay you??


Walking around in the city I sometimes stop at a street crossing with those “Walk/Don’tWalk” aural version signals for the blind, the ones that goes "tick tick tick tick tick … trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …tick tick tick " and listen for polyrhythmic patterns that occur when two or more of the "tick tick tick tick " goes out of phase.

Is it music? Who cares … it’s kinda fun! Same with LoopMash2 :sunglasses:

It’s not made to replace all other music, you know! :wink:

Spot on! :smiley:

Ahh!!! Now I understand how LoopMash works.
Thank you.


(P.S: I love those “Walk/Don’tWalk” aural version signals" very much! In our business park, between the scyscrapers and warehouses, it sounds like a movie soundtrack (e.g. when the killer comes around the corner) would be interesting to record this… (and import it into LM2 !!!) :wink: