Loops in cubasis

What is the best way to have a loop extend throughout the entire song and then add fills where I want them. Copy and paste doesn’t work week since it doesn’t line up properly after pasting which leaves the drums sounding odd. The loop just adds enough drums for 1-2 bars and that’s it - I want it to run for the entire song.


Hi Nightwin2626,

  • Import a loop that matches to the song tempo of your project
  • Make sure that the beginning and end of the loop matches to the grid
  • Set the playhead/cursor to the beginning of the event
  • Use copy/paste to create copies of the event that will be properly aligned after the original event (on the selected track)

best jan

How about a function to set Cubasis’s tempo by defining L / R. Locator range, then entering a number of bars the range encompasses… Eg 1 bar, 2, bars etc.

It’s just time warp really but given that loops are so convenient in IPad workflow it would be great to easily fit the time base to our own loops.