Loops/Samples library under Media Tab show a minus symbol (-)

Anyone familiar with this happening in the project window under the Media Tab in the Project Window? All my libraries are registered, installed, activated and show up in the library manager? The audio files do not play when clicked on. [Examples: Dubstep and Euphoric Trance.]


This has been discussed many times here on the forum already.

Make sure, you have a valid license for this content.

Ensure the MediaBay component is up to date (start Steinberg Download Assistant, the MediaBay component will be updated automatically).

You can try to rename/remove the MediaBay component preference.
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Steinberg MediaBay Server
Win: %appData% \Steinberg\Steinberg MediaBay Server

Hi… I’m on a Windows 11 PC, my License is valid, Download Assistant is up-to-date and opens fine but sorry, I don’t have that same path you mention to get to the MediaBay compenent preference. Here is the path I use but there is no Steinberg Media Service folder after this and I’m not sure which folder and file to open up to rename after this point. Thanks!


Is it under the Common Files…\Steinberg\MediaBay\mediaclient.dll?

Is it an .xml file?

Am I close here? Thanks for your help!


It’s not in the Cubase 13_64 folder. It’s at the same level as the Cubase 13_64 folder is, as I mentioned above.

The folder is
“C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Steinberg MediaBay Server”
Deleting or renaming this folder forces MediaBay to rebuild its database. In most cases, errors therein can be rectified in this way.

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What is the file name with extension please?


There is no extension. It’s the folder.

Just rename the folder from

Steinberg MediaBay Server


Steinberg MediaBay Server OLD

Make sure Cubase is not running.

Hi ASM, So I can delete the file in there or just rename it?

No file inside to rename, but the entire folder.

So I can rename or delete that folder and upon reopening Cubase it will rebuild the default? Thanks.


It doesn’t rebuild the default of Cubase.

Once you load the MediaBay component (what happens, if you start Cubase, Dorico, HALion…), the MediaBay becomes reset.

Thank you sir. I will get some sleep, try it in the morning and hopefully my audio files will be okay again.

Thanks for your help but rebuilding the MediaBay after the folder name change was not successful.


What do you mean by it was not successful? Is there a new folder?

Or it didn’t fix the issue?

Martin, What you told me to do DID rebuild the MediaBay but it did NOT fix my issue! That’s what I meant!

I learned that after Steinberg tech support helped port my dongle license issues (dating back to HALion 3 ) to the new site licensing process that there were these WEIRD VOUCHERS on my Profile page that had to AGAIN be reactivated!! I never thought I would have to do that process TWICE after purchasing them 2 years ago and when they worked fine!!!

So perhaps you can pass this little tip along to the next person with a library issue! Unless their Vouchers are already expired, which will give them an even bigger headache.

Cheers, thanks!