Loose sound on track change (Project window)

I remember that this issue wasn’t in previous versions of Cubase. Now in C10 it’s noticed and this is very very annoying. Every time when this happens I should restart playing from a place where long note starts or from very beginning. Maybe somebody can tell me how to fix it in Preferences?

So, I have a long note in one track and I have this track selected and project is running and note is playing; if I select another track, the sound of that long note was interrupted. No matter how long is note - this is on all notes, but on short notes it cannot be noticed, because after a short moment there are next notes. This is on all Virtual Instrument tracks no matter who is developer of the instrument.

Just checked how it is on MIDI track. If I add new MIDI track and send its OUT to the exisisting instrument track and add long note, then this issue isn’t noticed. Strange. I would like not to change my workflow working with Virtual Instruments on their single track, not through Rack.

P.S. In preferences I have selected “Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track” (I deselected this only on Audio). So, if this pref is off, then issue isn’t noticed. And again - it’s all is about workflow.


This is an known issue. The fix has been already announced for the next maintenance update.

Thank you very much, Martin!
I’m happy now :slight_smile: