Looser spacing when page is half empty

Is there a way to have wider system spacing when a page is below the justification threshold? I often find my self in a situation where a page is half full to facilitate a page turn. Justifying it looks weird, but the default spacing is unnecessarily compact. Right now, when this happens, I space the systems out manually.

Is there a better way to do this? I’ve tried messing with the “ideal gaps” in the vertical spacing dialog, but they always seem to interact in ways that I find mysterious and unpredictable.


In such cases, I usually drag the music frame bottom edge upwards, until the single system** matches that of the other page on the spread.

Mind you, I’d try changing the Note Spacing at some point beforehand, to see if I could get the page turn falling at the end of a full page.

Don’t change the Ideal Gaps, as that will affect everything. Those values should be kept to the smallest values you want, and then let the justification expand them.

** Or two systems where full page takes three systems.

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Thanks! It never occured to me to resize the music frame. That gets me exactly the results I want.


But you have to do that in the very end after all is said and done, because it creates a page override, which is a point of no return and nothing works automatically anymore… :wink:


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If it’s a really short page, and you can raise the vertical justification threshold percentage so it no longer applies to that page, you can avoid the page override.

If you have more than a few of these short pages, it’s worth creating an alternate short page template that you can apply as needed.

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