Loosing "above" and "below" properties for trills and dynamics

I have found the problem that trills and gradual dynamics loose their “above” or “below” property when entering music in the following measures. For example, some trills jump from below to above if I enter music some bars after them. I suppose that this is related to creating voices or deleting rests, as this may cause some changes to previously entered music that may change their properties, but I am not sure. As it happens out of editing view, I can’t post an example… After some editing, I go back and I see the position changes without being able to know when exactly they did happen.

I don’t believe this to be the case. Something else must be going on. If you have explicitly positioned the trill or dynamic by overriding their placement, e.g. by hitting F to flip them, then no other edit will cause them to change placement.

Yes, I have explicitly positioned them—several times—but they change their position anyway… I am sorry, but I can’t reproduce the problem as it happened “randomly” when I was editing another part of the score…