loosing Focus in Right Zone 9.0 - 9.5.40

if u touch the volume in Right Zone, Focus witll switch to project window.


  1. Open empty project
  2. add some (more then 2) audio/midi/instruments tracks (doesn’t matter)
  3. open right zone browser, select folder with samples
  4. use your up/down arrow keys to switch between samples
  5. change preview volume in right zone browser
  6. press up/down arrow keys, and your focuz will be switched to project window

This focus bug, also finded in Edit channel setting after choosing Send destination, focus from Send zone will switched to EQ zone.

I make a video with this bug


I agree! Extremely not the pleasant bug also really hinders operation!

Cubase 9.0.20 - didn’t fix.

9.0.30 still exist

This happens in the lower zone too.

Select an audio part on the arrange page so that the audio editor appears in the lower zone.

Delete a few sections of the audio from within that part using the lower zone.

Sooner or later - after 10 / 15 deletes or so, the focus is lost and reverts back to the main arrange page, and you’ve now just deleted that whole audio part from your arrangement, not just those smaller edits you were making from within it!


Confirmed here too. Also if your working in Sample editor suddenly its tabs (hitpoints,…) loose focus and change to the arrangement ones. Its hard to work like this so I reverted back to use everything like it was before v9- in separate windows.

9.5.10 still exist

9.0.40 same

9.5.40 - not fixed.