Loosing sync, clicks and more

Hi all,

I’ve had my MR816x now for about a year. First I hooked it up to my PC, but that was all crap with drop-outs galore!
So, went ahead and bought a Mac Pro. The drop-outs were no more…

However, the last few months something else has occoured:
When recording, little “clicks” are recorded, wich is pretty annoying when recording soft vocals or guitars when they are absolutely heard. In a huge drum or guitar mix noting is ofcourse heard of that. Anyone know what these little clicks can be, and how to solve it? Is it normal in recording these days perhaps?

And then the next thing:
My MR816x looses sync very often. Both when recording or playback. Everything just goes silent, and the lamps start rotating as to tell me there is no sync. A few seconds later everything is up and running again. No restart needed. Let’s say this happens every 30 minutes to be fair.

I have newest driver and firmware innstalled

Help anyone? Please?

You might be trying to run with too low latency - try increasing the Buffer size in Cubase/ Device Setup slightly. If this solves the problem but results in an audible latency when recording, you can run the 816 in zero-latency mode for recording.