Loosing your customer with OS and license

I think you will loose a lot of customer for 2 reasons:

  1. license politics. It is old fashioned to use dongles and prohibition of use on 2 computers (studio/laptop) is too limited!

  2. OS versions that are supported: A new OSX version is published every year and a lot of people are still using win7.
    To support only the current version of the OS and one back it’s easy for your development teams but is not more reaching the professionals. Pros doesn’t switch with the release cycles. They CAN NOT switch because they cannot switch all the components/plugins.

A good marketing team has surely made a thorough calculation, but perhaps they are working with undefined numbers…
Future will show it…:slight_smile:

Regarding license politics:

Being able to split off the Halion Sonic license to a second dongle (separate from Halion itself) would be a very strong incentive for me to get an additional license of Cubase Artist in addition to my Cubase Pro.