Lose cursor and timecodes with MBox 2

I just finished the transition from my old XP computer to my new Win 8 computer, a Lenovo Y500 laptop, with Wavelab 8. The last piece was to install the latest drivers for the MBox 2, which connects to a USB port. I got the MBox running fine; WL recognizes it, I am able to set it as the MAIN VST and ASIO device, and I can record/playback from/to it. Problem is this: with the Mbox active, I lose the cursor. Changing the View settings (static, cursor follows, etc.) changes nothing. I rebooted several times, and that did nothing. It seems that the MBox is interfering with the cursor settings. I can view the cursor fine using Windows MME as the default VST device, but I don’t get the benefit of the MBox. This makes editing a nightmare. Anyone else experience this? Is there a known fix?
Edit: this is WL 8.03, the latest version.
Edit 2: I should add that the timecode stops working as well. All the timecode components are stuck at the spot where playback began.

This means the Mbos driver is not giving the right number of played samples. It certainly says “0 samples have been played”. WaveLab then can’t show any cursor movement.
A possibility would be to use the MME driver from the WaveLab VST Audio Connections dialog.
Else, if you need an ASIO driver, try to uninstall it and reinstall it or another version.

I reinstalled the drivers, no luck. You’re right that the Windows MME profile works. This means I have to record through the MBox using ASIO, then switch to MME for editing. I guess I can live with that for now. Avid hasn’t updated the drivers for Windows since 2011, so these are not up to date. I’m getting in touch with them. There are other issues too. When I experimented with switching the MBox to a different port, it took out the USB 3 controller on the computer, and I had to restore to a pre-installation configuration, then reinstall. There is also an MBX2xxx driver error in the event viewer after bootup. I’ll send an SOS to Avid. Since it’s an old box, I’m not optimistic. Ironically, their new boxes really don’t work, because they are Firewire, not USB, and the new computers don’t have Firewire. Is there another I/O box besides Avid that works well with both Wavelab and Pro Tools?