Losing all sound

Hi all,

We recently had a very strange incident happen at the studio I work in. When we open up any project old or new, and turn all the deliverable outputs on/off we lose all sound completely. That is to say that there is no signal traveling from any audio channels to any of our premix/final mix tracks. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what could be causing this? A little more info on the layout of the sessions. They go from audio channels to pre mix group tracks, to final mix group tracks, to deliverable audio channels. This issue will happen when you toggle any of the deliverable monitor on/off switches. We are currently running Nuendo 8.1 and have been hesitant about updating with so many people experiencing issues.

This problem does not happen in any of our other 5 rooms, and it does not happen in Nuendo 7 either. We are at a loss at this point.

System - Windows 7, Nuendo 8.1, 16gb ram.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I can’t reproduce this error.

Can you reduce the complexity of your project or start from scratch ang give a clear set of steps for reproduction?

we are only having the issue in one of our mix rooms. The same projects have no problem in any other room, but this has basically made the room unusable. I don’t believe we can reduce the complexity as the sessions are already fairly stripped down as it is. The same thing happens when we create a blank session and route a single audio channel to 2 or more other audio channels and toggle the monitor on/off.

Weird. I can’t reproduce the error here (different version though).

The only thing I can think of is trashing preferences etc and then starting a new project and see if it reoccurs. If it doesn’t then try to import old data into new project.

So it appears that if you turn off Asio Guard this brings back sound. Very strange to say the least as this feature is on is all other rooms without causing this issue.

What’s the difference between the rooms?

The only difference between the rooms is 3 use RME FF 800s, 2 use FF400s and one uses Hamerfall Cards. Other than that they are all running the same version of Nuendo, same version of Windows, and same internal specs.

Weird. I know ASIO Guard affects latencies so it seems intuitive to maybe research that since the interfaces are different. Either way I obviously have no idea what’s going on.

Please let us know if you find a solution to this though.