Losing ARA edits when cubase autosaves

Can anyone repro this? Lost hours of edits on a mastering job, spectralayers ARA edits seem to be disappearing sometimes when cubase 10 autosaves…

Make a new project in cubase, import stereo wav.

Have cubase autosave enabled in preferences/general (mine is set to 5 minutes).

Duplicate the track, then reverse the polarity of track 1 in the cubase mixer.

Apply spectralayers ARA extension to the duplicate wav file on track 2.

Perform edits in the spectralayers window.

Export mixdown named “test 1 difference” with “create audio track” and “insert to pool” selected. A 3rd track will be created with a waveform displaying the difference between track 1 and the edited track 2.

Mute track 3.

Save song, exit cubase.

Restart cubase, open same song.

Edit should still be audible.

Keep cubase open long enough to autosave, making a .bak file in the project directory.

“Save as” to new version .cpr.

Exit cubase, reopen song.

Edit is now inaudible, missing from spectralayers extension window.

The size of the cpr file and bak file went from 7290 kb at 2:31pm to 260 kb at 2:38pm.

I then exported another mixdown to confirm that track 1 and 2 are now identical (“test 2 difference”)

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Thanks, I can repro. Will be fixed in the second patch. Meanwhile you can bounce your audio events in Cubase once you’re done editing it.

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Robin, that’s awesome news, thanks for the quick response!