Losing Audio When Switching Sessions with Cubase/Nuendo

I’m running into some issues using the Lavry Blue 4496-14, Lynx AES16e with Nuendo 5.5.4 on a PC using Windows 7 SP1 and the latest drivers and firmware.

I frequently run into cases where playback stops working if I a) open an audio program other than Nuendo, and then b) open a new session in Nuendo. The new program will play back audio fine, but Nuendo just stops working. The only solution I’ve found is to reboot the computer entirely which is a real productivity killer. I’ve tried all sorts of software setting combinations in both Nuendo and the Lynx Mixer application and haven’t had a lot of luck. And truth be told I don’t know if the culprit is Nuendo, the Lynx, or the 4469-14…

Here are some facts about my setup as well as some observations I’ve made that may help:

  • Lavry Blue is the master clock via AES (Digital Out 1 on the AES16e) at 96 kHz 24-bit
  • Nuendo is configured to use two channels of the AES16e exclusively (Digital Out 1 on the AES16e)
  • All other applications use Digital Out 2 (which is my Windows Default Device), which is the routed back to Digital
  • Out 1 via the AES16e control panel
  • If I reboot my system and open Nuendo directly, I can hear audio again in Nuendo
  • If I use the AES16e as the master clock, then I only need to restart Nuendo to restore audio in it
  • Switching the master clock seems to be a good lead, but I’m not sure what that indicates.

If you have any advice about this I would greatly appreciate it!

Un-check release asio driver in background.