Losing bars/timecode sync when setting timecode at cursor after changing tempo

I start a fresh project with 2 offset bars (for count-off purposes).

I set the timecode to start in sync with the first beat in bar 1 without changing the default tempo (I don’t know which tempo will work nice with my video action yet).

Nudging cursor 1 frame back and forth (cmd+Num +/-) works fine and beat 1 (in bar 1 after 2 offset bars) is completelly in sync with Timecode 00:00:00:00.

After importing the video and deciding which tempo I want to start working on, I change the tempo track (from the beginning of the project) to follow that decision.

In order to re-sync that first bar/beat (after the 2 bar offset) to the Timecode, I “set timecode at cursor” again, zeroing values in the “set timecode at cursor” dialog.

When I snap to bar 1 (main ruler set to Bars+Beats) and switch the main ruler to Timecode, frame 00:00:00:00 is not really aligned to the cursor, so sync is lost. Nudging the cursor in 1 frame steps works weird if I want to start form beat 1, which is not sync’ed to a whole frame.

I can use the Warp tool to snap the first beat to the 00:00 timecode position, but then the tempo for the 2 offset bars changes slightly.

Long story short: SET TIMECODE TO CURSOR is kinda broken.

I switched the main ruler to “Time Linear” and it seems to work fine now, though for some reason the cursor doesn’t follow snap to grid when the main ruler is set to Timecode.