Losing centre channel when downmixing

Hi all, sorry about the long post but wanted to describe fully my issue.

As someone relatively new to working seriously on N7 whenever something goes wrong or does not make sense I will assume that it is my fault. I will spend days on trying to fix something, sometimes it seems as though I go one step forward and then two steps back.

Trying to output a stereo mix from a 5.1 mix I found that for some reason I just could not hear the centre channel of an audio track. It was registering as being there on the meters, when I expanded the divergence or distribution rotary knobs in the channel panner the sound I was missing appeared but nothing I could do allowed me to hear what was in the centre.

Of course I am doing all of this within the control room with the auto setting up of MixConvert6 When I put the Mixconvert6 on the 5.1 output channel I suddenly found that I could hear the centre channel but doing this compromised the stereo picture so was not a viable hack. I guess having two Mix converts on the go at the same time is not advisable. I lost a good stereo image.

So I assume it is my fault dump the control studio completely, reset up all my ins and out, redid all my compressors and all the myriad of things you have to do with a big rethink like this, trying to make it simpler, less buttons to have forgotten and I put the Mixconvert on the 5.1 output channel and ta-dah…it worked. Finally I could hear the centre channel.

So I did some tests, what I heard and what I output as a stereo file was the same. Finally.

I would have to tweak the project yet again (one and a half hours) but at least I could get it done.

I then foolishly decided to re-order the inserts on the 5.1 channel to see if putting Insight as the third insert made any difference to the visuals. So now I had Izotope Neutron as insert 1, Mixconvert as insert 2 and Izotope Insight as insert 3. Boom…no more centre channel in the mix. Bypassing, replacing, putting things back made no difference.

So I closed the project without saving it losing a hour or so of work, re-opened and ta-dah the centre channel comes back.

Now I know it was not me, but what was it. The time I have spent on this, the 4.00am finishes the weight I have been carrying for a week as I try to work on this project.

Has anyone else come across this issue or once again am I the first person ever to have this happen? Any insights? THanks