Losing Dry Signal On Inserts FX Chain

For example When i add compression and reverb to my inserts i am losing my dry signal.
I have both fx set to 100 % wet.
After watching Dom Sigalas tutorial on parrallel compression when adding fx channel to vocals channel and then adding compression to that fx channel ,i understand that on the fx send channel the vocals are pre insert and fx is post fader and 100% wet so when using fx on inserts am i supposed to use a mix between dry and wet .
If using 50% percent mix between dry and wet mix on inserts does this not mean that only 50% of your dry signal is being compressed.
Does this not defeat the purpose of the exercise as you want 100% of your dry signal to be compressed ?


This means, you mix the same amount of the dry and wet signals. If you set the wet parameter to 100%, you can hear only the wet signal.

Thanks Martin,sorry for the daft basic question,my head turns to mush quite often,thanks allyupo