Losing Edirol PCR M80

Lately, cubase, after being open a few minutes, loses my controller.I have been using it with Cubase since 2.3. :neutral_face: Anyone else having this problem?

Maybe it’s time to get a Roland A-800Pro? It’s more or less the same thing.



Would it be possible, the device becomes unplugged because of some USB issue? Can you see it in the USB devices on the system level? Did you hear unplug system sound?

Thanks for the replies, it works fine out of cubase.


And do you know, if there was a short “drop-out”? As far as I know, if Cubase lost connections with the MIDI device, then it’s not available, until you restart Cubase (Windows only, on Mac, this works). This is the reason, why I am asking.

Sorry if I am annoying, and you already know this but.
Make sure that in Windows under “advanced power settings” that it is not conserving energy by shutting down USB ports.

thanks for all of the suggestions, but it was a out of date driver for my wirless mouse, updated the driver and all is well. Once again, thank for the help!