Losing lanes/comps when importing new audio onto the track??

I’ve got a vocal track that’s fully all comped using lanes. I want to add one more vocal part from a different track to the lanes on the first track - but every time I copy the audio into the new track, all of the lane comps are lost (which parts are “active”)… How do I get new audio onto a comped track without losing all of my previous edits???

I hate the “active” parts lanes thing… I wish lanes would just function like normal events and let me do the muting, editing, and crossfading…

Sometimes if I have lots and lots of lanes, and I want to create a silent area, every time I snip out the audio I don’t want to play, some other lane becomes active, but I want silence there! So then I have to mute all events on other lanes, which can end up muting things I don’t want to mute (if the event extends before and after the silent area), or I have to slice all of the parts up and make sure there are no events in the silent area…

Overall, lanes is a great concept, but I’d like to see it develop a little bit more… maybe it would be cool to have a mode where nothing is EVER active unless it is manually activated. I don’t know – I’m not sure the best fix for this…

One thing I dislike about moving audio to a comped track with many lanes is that it always ends up on the first lane on top of the existing audio, so you have to drag it down to the last lane. But the thing I really like is that even though the new audio defaults to active, it remembers the previous comps so if you delete it they all return. I would guess that if you shorten it to the section you want with the handles it will work the same way. Is that what you mean?

For inserting silence, couldn’t you just use the pencil tool to draw a blank event on the bottom lane?

So if I delete it or cut it up, it will remember all of the previous active parts? If so, cool! I will try this tomorrow! Many thanks! :slight_smile:

I will try this, but then the event would have to line up perfectly with all of the other events, or there would be potential for a little 50 ms snippets that are active and getting through… maybe it can work though – I’ll experiment with this tomorrow also.

Thanks for the ideas!

You’re welcome. For lining up parts, I often use the info line. You can copy start, duration, or end times from existing events and paste them into the info line of your blank clip which will line it up exactly.