losing midi input with mainstage running

I’m having an odd issue.

I’m running Dorico and having it also fire Mainstage 3 in the background for keyboard parts I’m programming. I have to send through IAC, since mainstage doesn’t give me a midi in from other apps. Every once in a while now I lose midi input from my keyboard into Dorico. I still get input into Mainstage, but Dorico loses sync. Sometimes rebooting Dorico fixes the issue, sometimes I have to reboot my system. Dorico is also running some Halion samples.

At present I can’t figure out what causes Dorico to lose input.

Midi through is turned off, otherwise there is a midi feedback loop that freezes Dorico.

OSX 10.14.6

This is a known bug, fixed for a release coming soon.

Thanks rubberfingers, is there a workaround for the time being that you know of? Or do you know what exactly triggers this?

Frankly, my workaround is to enter notes with Dorico 2. Then do everything else in 3. I don’t know what triggers it. If you don’t have 2, then try restarting Dorico, not rebooting your computer. Or use the regular keyboard A, B, C keys. Hopefully it will be a very short wait for the update as it was anticipated late last month, but delayed.

I don’t have Dorico 2.
Guess I’ll have to keep rebooting or maybe switch to using only internal sounds for Dorico and see if that makes it go away instead of using IAC midi.

At a pinch, you could download Dorico 2 Pro from the Steinberg Download Assistant. Your Dorico 3 license will allow you to run Dorico 2. That said, the Dorico 3 update is apparently fairly imminent.

To test it out I’m running with vst’s loaded inside of Dorico, not through IAC to Mainstage. Turned midi through back on, IAC off, and so far its behaving.
Maybe that’s the workaround.

I’m not sure if its not using IAC or if its turning midi through on again.
But as long as its working, I can get work done this way.

I have the problem, and am not using anything except vanilla Dorico 3. So it may not have anything to do with your other products. Hopefully!