Losing Midi Settings

I’m having huge issues with Nuendo 7 (on Mac 10.9.5) just losing midi settings daily.

I’m running a big midi rig using 3 x MOTU 128’s so that’s 36 lots of ins/outs and when I load a project it is totally hit or miss as to what (if any) midi settings are remembered… or need to be set again… or even if they WILL set again without a complete reboot/unplugging etc etc…

It’s driving me mad… Is this a Nuendo issue? or a MOTU 128 issue… if it’s the latter will the iConnectivity mio10 solve the issue…

Please help



Hi Ty,

I am on PC, but this sounds like a USB thing to me. Try just one 128 interface a couple of times. If the settings are kept
with just one interface, i would say its a mac USB system problem with always having different orders in initalizing the interfaces.
I had this prob also on pc with with 2 ESI 8x8 interfaces, but they provided a driver which solved this problem.

If this is your issue i would definately try another interface like the new mio10 or get the alyseum al88 with copperlan, which i use and like!
I dont think this is nuendo.

I really like your guest appearences in sonictalk! :wink:

good luck!