Losing Output Routing

I’ve built a massive template with tons and tons of Kontakt instruments that have multiple outs so that different articulations get sent to different stems for printing. I keep the instruments I’m not using disabled to avoid CPU usage, and just enable them as I need them to write.

But whenever I enable tracks, the routing and sends for all outputs except the primary output get lost. So for instance, say I have Kontakt set up with 4 outputs, and I set each of those 4 outputs individually, then disable. If I close the project and re-open the project, when I enable them again, Output 1 is still set correctly, but 2-4 get set to the default Stereo Out. I’m attaching some screenshots to show what I’m talking about in case this isn’t clear. It’s also important to note that as long as the project stays active I can disable and enable and maintain all those settings, but if I save and come back to it later, or if I start a new project from my template file, all those routing settings disappear, leaving my template basically useless. I didn’t have this problem in Cubase 9 or 9.5, and a friend of mine that is on 10.5.0 doesn’t have this issue either, so I’m wondering if there is just some preference that got changed on accident or anything like that that would cause this issue.

I’m on a very powerful PC running Windows 10, I updated to Cubase 10.5.10 yesterday to see if that would help, but it does not seem to have had any effect.