Losing physical midi input to Cubase 10 Win 10 64bit

Hi guys

I have this issue, Midi communication is getting lost not only to Cubase, but to any standalone instrument in Win 10 64 bit.
This used to happen very seldom in the past, and the remedy would be to restart windows.
Yesterday I installed an M-Audio Oxygen 61 generation IV keyboard, and it seems to happen all the time now.
After a while, there is no midi input and I have to restart Windows to get the midi communication back.
Any ideas???

You need to give us more information in order for us to try and help you with this?
-PC/MAC chipset/build/year
-Graphics card
-OS version
-What devices are you trying to connect?

But by the looks of it you may have an issue with your USB2 interface on your computer?