Losing plugins when reopening after editing a project on another system - Why!?

Hi All!

My desktop is my main workstation and I also have a laptop that I sometimes work on when travelling. My laptop does not have all the plugins my desktop has and I have experienced something troubling:

If I save a project on my desktop and open it on my laptop, the missing plugins are greyed out - makes sense - but when I save the project on my laptop an then reopen it on my desktop the plugins and all their settings, automation, are not greyed out, they’re GONE entirely!

It’s like the project file figured the new system does not have the plugins so we’re just gonna erase all that info!

Has anyone experienced this?? Is there a setting somewhere I am missing?

All tips very welcome!!

Can you tell your spec.
I can gues problem goes to windows version

Hey - actually, no - running a Mac with Sierra 10.12.6

Running Cubase 9.5.41 on both machines.