Losing prefences at start! - I NEED HELP!!

Hi all!
If I change the preferences in my Cubase Pro 10 macOs 10.13) , and then I close the software and then I start it again, it restores default preferences, turning back to default settings! Really annoying!
I’d like to change main project background to brighter color schemes (like before v10), I do it in the preference panel, but if I start c10 again, it restores default preferences -as I said before- and so dark background is back in the project window.
Is it a bug or I’m doing something wrong?

Thank you and sorry for my english!


Make sure Cubase doesn’t crash (silently) while quit. Cubase stores the Preferences settings on quit (only). So if it doesn’t quit properly, the preferences settings is lost.

The *.crash files are located in the macOS Console utility under the the User Reports folder or /Users/username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports folder.

Hi Martin!

How can I check if Cubase silently crash while quit?
It doesn’t report any crash an it quits very normally, as I can see!


Open Cubase preferences folder (~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 10). And observe for example Defaults.xml file (lots of stuff are stored in this file) while Cubase is running. Observe the date and time, when the file has been changed. Then quit Cubase. The file should changes. So you should see the current time as the last changes time. Do you?

Thank you Martin!
I checked the situation for a while and now - I don’t know how - it works correctly!
Thanks for your help! :smiley:

Same issue here , NEVER had this before EVER.

Update, Cubase is holding the Custom Color Scheme MAIN color but the

  1. Project Area Background and
  2. Editor Area Background
    Both are gone upon opening Cubase. I have to load up my stored preset every time

*****I have TRASHED ALL Cubase Prefs, same problem