Losing quality after bounce

Hi there!
I have some vst intrument. (addivtive drums in this case) and then i need to bounce it in wav file to work with.
How I bounce :

  • Solo VTS instrument I’m going to bounce
  • Set locators
  • Bounce using Audio Mixdown funtion. From the In the same sample rate and bit (44.1 and 24 - that’s my project’s settings)
  • Bounce from the channel that I checked in in Audio Mixdown window
  • There are no plugins in insert
  • Then I listen my bounced wav file right in cubase and compare it with original VSTi
    I don’t know what’s going on after bouncing but quality is losing. It sounds different. no metter what VSTi , no metter what type of bounce I use (realtime or not) it starts to sound different as a wav. How to fix that?
    I shoot the video below you can hear https://vimeo.com/457215188

My system: Cubase 10.5, Windows 10 Pro 2004, i7 4790, 16Gb RAM.

first opf all you should read the manual
provide some system specs

and your video doesn’t work

What manual you mean?
now video works. and I wrote system info

Hi again . Question is still open ! Please help me to solve the problem

the video shows only the result
to find out whats happened we have to see what you do

first of all you should check if something is added to your master