Losing sound after playing about 10 minutes (El Capitan)

My system:

  • iMac with El Capitan 10.11.1
  • Driver version 1.9.6 that was announced compatible with 10.11.
  • CI1 device.
  1. Using Logic Pro: Normal start but it has a problem after playing about 10 minutes. A prompt popped out: “Problems syncing external midi device”. I tried searching and doing with many switches in settings but did not change anything.

  2. Using AmpKit app standalone: Normal start but it also has the same problem, losing sound after playing about 5-10 minutes. Each time of that, I just waited for a while to restore the normal sound. I think the driver software has the compatibility issues with El Capitan.

Edit: I tested with Yosemite 10.10.3 on the same machine, same software. There are no issues happen.

I’m having what sounds like the same issue, with drivers that I downloaded and installed yesterday. YouTube and Spotify will cut off after a few minutes, and then come back later, first with distorted bursts of sound, before it then recovers fully. Stopping and starting playback is a workaround, but only temporarily. I’m using a MacBook Pro Mid-2012 running OS X 10.11.1.

I am having the same issue on Mac Pro 2013 OS X 10.11.1 and CI2 interface.
New drivers seem not to solve the problem.

Just out of curiosity… is anyone having graphics glitches ever since installing El Capitan? Firefox with hardware acceleration enabled (the default setting) caused me a lot of headaches. All the problems disappeared after I disabled hardware acceleration, but full-screen video is slow now, of course. El Capitan is the buggiest new release of OS X I have ever encountered, and I’ve been through 3 or 4 releases.

I’m also having problems with El Capitan 10.11.1, USB driver 1.9.6, CI1. When playing video, sometimes it will fast forward very fast and break. If I stop it and restart it fixes it for a while. I think the problem is related to 48 Khz vs 441.1 Khz audio. I have noticed that in Audio Midi Setup the output sample rate will switch to 44.1 if I open a project in GarageBand that uses 44.1. If I quit GarageBand and play a video with 48Khz audio the output sample rate does not switch to 48Khz.

I’ve just found out that the same issue also occurs in Yosemite latest version 10.10.5. The difference is that it only appears very fast about less than 1 second. I tested by uninstalling driver version 1.9.6, then try the older 1.9.4. Nothing happens after that. I still think the problem is the compatibility of new driver 1.9.6 that released in 2nd November.

Same problem here:
-Mac Pro 2013 OSX 10.11.1
-CI2 version 1.9.6

Loss of audio every few minutes for 5-10 seconds

New drivers seem to be not compatible with El Capitan at all!
Steinberg, please do something…

Same problem too, please fix it :cry: