Losing sound feedback/output to headphones

I’ve had issues of working in Dorico with regard to losing my sound feedback. After I perform some edits, layout options, etc, and then returning to Write mode I find out I can not select a note and get any sound output to my headphones. I do have a keyboard successfully connected and go back and forth with using it to input or some computer keyboard input but that does not seem to be the problem.

If I save the file, close Dorico and reopen, then everything works fine. My question: Am I inadvertently muting somewhere without my knowing about it? And . . . how do I get it back on without a complete close and restart of Dorico?

Are you using a dedicated audio device, or the built-in audio hardware in your computer? When you lose sound in Dorico, do you also lose sound from other applications? You could try going to Play mode and choosing Play > Reset All Solo States and Reset All Mute States in case you have somehow managed to mute everything.

Ok, I will try that. Actually, I did not check sound outside of Dorico. I will do that also next time plus try your suggestions.

Sorry, I did not respond to all your previous questions. Regarding dedicated audio device: Yes, I am using a Shure mic with USB and headphone jacks. It has never caused me a problem. Also, I tried going to Play menu and could not find the exact options you mentioned ‘Reset All Solo States’ etc. All I find is “Reset Playback Overrides”.

@thaupt Try Play Menu–Deactivate All Solo States. I think it’s Alt-Shift-S as well.

I think that was the menu item I was looking for. I will have to track if that solves the problem next time the issue occurs. Thank you.

The menu items were "Deactivate . . . " rather than ‘reset’. I will try them out next time I have the same issue.