Losing Volume from All virtual insturments

Hi, I am using Cubase 6.5 and just recently as I am recording or playing back a track the volume drops to almost zero. I can raise manually but it will drop again. This occurs in all the different synth (Embracer, Halion etc) and it also happens on a East-West Orchestral program. One thing I noticed is that if I trigger the keys with my Akai drum trigger the volume loss does not occur. My key board controller is a M-Audio Keystation Pro-88? Has anyone experienced this? I can’t figure out what happened. Also if I go to tracks I recorded weeks ago this is not an issue. In some cases you can see the main output drop off though in others the sound drops without any visible change.

Every once in a while I will experience a similar situation, and it almost always turns out to be one of the following:

  • You might have accidentally recorded some automation on a fader or a plugin’s volume/gain control, and the automation is just doing what it thinks you want it to do. You can disable all automation in the project by toggling off the “R” control at the top of the project Window.
  • Unexpected solo behavior (sometimes soloing a track might have unexpected results due to how things are triggered and/or routed.) Toggling off the “S” control at the top of the project window will rule this out.
  • Modwheel on your MIDI controller might be affecting patches. Most keyboards have mod controls that just sit in their current position permanently rather than returning to zero. My kids used to mess with my MIDI controllers when I wasn’t looking and I had some very frustrating experiences figuring out why my projects didn’t sound right due to the mod control not being where I expected.
  • Plugins not being registered/losing their registration status. Every once in a while I’ll have a plugin forget that it’s registered/authorized, and some plugins will go silent (sometimes this won’t happen until the project’s been loaded for 15 minutes or so) or just not behave normally until you re-activate them.