I just installed 9.5 update from 9.0 and now my Halion Sonic 2 won’t load. it won’t even load when i relaunch 9.0 does anyone know what this is about?


Make sure your HALion Sonic 2 is up to date, please.

Same problem. I cant get Pro 9.5 to launch and therefore Halion Sonic 3 hasnt “upgraded” or replaced Halion 2. Because of this, I think what has happened is that Steinbergs Halion sonic se 3 licence has replaced Halion 2 license and because the Hal. 3 licence is NOT “backwards” compatible, you cant run Halion 2 no matter what older version of Cubase you run. At present I cant run any Projects in Pro 9 if they contain Halion 2 . In fact they wont even open. If I get Pro 9.5 to run… well this hopefully might solve the problem.

Are you guys talking about Halion Sonic SE 2 or Halion Sonic 2???


@davecook194, you are mixing up 3 different products here:

  • HALion (2) is a dedicated application, SAMpler. You need dedicated HALion license.
  • HALion Sonic (2 an 3) is a dedicated application, player. You need dedicated HALion Sonic license.
  • HALion Sonic SE (2 an 3) is part of Cubase application, player. The license is part of Cubase.

If you are really an owner of HALion Sonic 2 (dedicated application), check the license is still available in eLCC. If the license is available, you should be able to run HALion Sonic (plug-in or application) 2. If you are not owner of HALion Sonic license, you should be able to use HALion Sonic SE 2 and SE 3 in your Cubase (without dedicated license, the license is part of Cubase license).

MARTIN J:- My comments related to HALION SONIC SE 3 (licence), part of the PRO 9.5 update.
I assumed the H SE 3 licence would not allow Halion Sonic SE 2 to run - I hope I am wrong - then my problem may be different.
Do you know if this is the case?

Halion Sonic SE 3 completely replaces Halion Sonic SE 2. It’s fully backwards compatible.

Try running the Cubase 9.5 installer again and reinstall Halion Sonic SE 3 if you can’t see it in Cubase 9.

Cubase license allows you to run HALion Sonic SE 3 or 2. You can replace HALion Sonic SE 2 by SE 3. So actually you don’t need SE 2. At the other hand I wonder, it shouldn’t be overwritten.

It completely replaces the 64 bit version of Halion Sonic SE 2. The 32 bit version stays so you can use it with Cubase 8.5 and earlier.

As Pro 9.5 wont run- can I just install Halion Sonic SE 3 and will this allow my 9.o Projects with Hal. S SE 2 to open?

Yes, if you bought Cubase 9.5 you can run HS SE3 on Cubase 9. And yes, like I said it’s backwards compatible with HS SE2.

Have you tried starting Cubase in safe start mode? https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/safe-start-mode-resetting-the-cubase-preferences.html

Yes, you should be able too. If necessary re-run the Pro 9.5 installer but deselect all elements apart from Halion Sonic SE3 via the custom install option.

If the component is installed already out of the is a new version installed, the installation of the component is skipped out. So you don’t have to select manually while installing.

Thanks for all help. Have run 9.5 installer selecting Halion Sonic SE ONLY. Cubase 9 will still not open Project with Halion SSE as instrument.
Any further suggestions would be appreciated. NB When updating WINDOWS 7 IMPORTANT updates from a list of over 100, 23 failed to install - might this be related to my problem. Thanks

Computer Shop managed to update Windows. Cubase Pro 9.5 installed and ran OK.
Pro 9.0 also OK now.
Perhaps others with problems might check Windows up to date.
Thanks to those who helped with answers. Happy Xmas.

Generally not a good sign if Windows Updates won’t install but lad you got it sorted in the end.

Always keep windows up to date, or at least be sure it is up to date before installing any updates/upgrades.
From personal experience, it makes life a lot easier :slight_smile: