Loss of fidelity on playback

I have everything working great. I can record and hear playback, but I am not impressed with playback quality. I get better playback fidelity from my R8 than LE5. What can be the problem please?

Somethings not right!

That’s what I thought. But what can it be. Everything works, except for the quality of the playback.

That was my best guess based on the info provided, maybe you could elaborate somewhat.

I have a Zoom R8 and I have LE5. If I do recordings using both of them, the R8 has better playback quality than the LE5. The R8 sounds more “real” than the LE5. The drums are the worst hit. On LE5, they sound very dry, too tight and “skinny”. Without adding effects, the R8 sounds “fuller”.

Is there any information you need that will help? I am using Windows Vista, 3GB RAM, 32-bit OS, 2.50 GHz Dual core Processor.

Sound card?

Embedded Realtek High Definition Audio

That is probably the source of your “Loss Of Fidelity” the crappy on-board sound card. Get a decent sound card.

Thanks. Will give that a go.