Loss of midi input in write mode

Hi, I had this problem in Dorico 2 and have since upgraded to 3 and it still persists. When I am entering notes from a midi keyboard it will be working fine, notes sound, they are input correctly and then seemingly at random, the note will still playback so Dorico is getting the midi signal, but it will not write the note. If I quit and restart it will work again and then not. This can happen every few measures and it renders the program not very useful despite many wonderful features.

Midi input works fine into other applications, and as I said Dorico does register the input because it will play, just won’t write. System is an iMac a clavinova midi keyboard, and a MOTU interface.

Thanks for any help/suggestions

Is there any possibility that you’re accidentally hitting , (comma), which activates rest entry mode?

Have you updated to 3.1?

I updated to 3.1. Started midi input, entering straight whole notes, didn’t touch the computer keyboard at all, I got maybe a measure or two and it stopped, could hear the note, wouldn’t input it. I could enter by point and click but that’s all. Quit the file, relaunched it worked again for maybe a measure then stopped again. I opened a new file, just piano staff, didn’t use the computer keyboard, entered quarter notes and made it for 10 12 measures before it stopped. It is very frustrating and weird. Midi is the simplest possible data how can it not be input?


Other people in other threads have reported issues with MIDI cables, USB cables, and with MIDI interface units themselves. I’d try unplugging everything, plugging it all back in again, and see if that helps.

I myself have gone for literally hours at a time without losing any MIDI input capability.

What kind of MIDI keyboard do you have, Dale13? How is it connected to your computer? Can you take a sample of the MIDI data coming from your controller? Native Instruments have a good write-up of how this is done, which you can find here.