loss of note velocity / touch sensitivity when using VSTs?


I have a really baffling problem. Essentially I’m finding that I’m losing any touch sensitivity or velocity when playing instrument parts via any VSTs other than the HALion Sonic.

Example A

  1. Record keyboard part using a simple piano sound in HALion sonic part. No knob twiddling, just simple melody. Plays back fine, just as I recorded it.
  2. Decide to try the part using a different synth VST, say the Prologue, so copy the part to another instrument track hooked up to Prologue.
  3. Select patch or preset in other Prologue, sounds nice and bright.
  4. Play the copied part back.
  5. Sound is quiet and muddy, not as bright. Level indicator at side of track shows far quieter level.
  6. Play the prologue - it now sounds quiet and muddy, unusable.
  7. now cant get the Prologue back to sounding nice again.
  8. If I unmute the original piano track it sounds as bright and loud as before.

This happens regardless of whether I’m using a Steinberg VST (HALion, Prologue etc) or a bought VST like Jupiter 8V2.

It cant be down to my controller keyboard as the recorded piano part is lovely and loud.

It’s driving me up the wall.

Can anyone help?

Using Cubase 6 Full edition with a Novation Remote 37SL controller.