Loss of previous Tools settings on re-opening SL6

For me, the leap from SL5 to SL6 was made because the upgrade cost was reasonable. SL5 works well for me other than it didn’t function properly on a Hi-DPI display when in full-screen mode (the menu drop downs wouldn’t open) but resizing the window down a bit overcame that problem. In SL6, that display problem has thankfully been fixed.

BUT … SL6 has reverted to pre-SL5 versions in one major respect, and that is that the Tool settings aren’t memorised from the previous session when re-opening SL6. In SL5 for example, if I had the Clone Stamp settings configured to my preferences for Brush Shape/Unit/Size/AR/Hardness, those settings would be ‘memorised’ when I closed SL5 and then re-opened SL5 the next time. Not so in the new SL6 – it’s reverts to the default Tools settings. This is so annoying and time-wasting. I’ve read through the user manual and explored Preferences/Options but can see nothing that allows for “retain previous Tools settings on re-opening SL”.

It’s not so important if working on a very long audio event/file, but in my case, the main use of SL is to clean camera audio from the Vegas Pro timeline via the ‘Open in Sound Forge’ option by right-clicking on the audio event. Even though the entire audio event is opened in SF, the length used on the VP TL is highlighted in SF. Then using ‘Open in SpectraLayers’ from Tools in SF, the highlighted section is opened in SL, and I can work on cleaning up the audio (getting rid of minor to moderate wind noise, clicks, bumps etc) mostly using the Clone Stamp tool. It’s much more user-friendly in SL than in RX Adv (which excels in many other ways). There’ll be hundreds of instances of this, each being only a few seconds to maybe 10 seconds in length. In SL6, why is it necessary to re-configure the Tools settings each and every time? In SL5, this was a problem overcome – in SL6, it’s a problem re-introduced.

The latest update has not addressed this. Please, Steinberg, please fix this and get SL6 to memorise the Tools settings. In the meantime, I’ll regretfully have to stick with Sound Forge 12 and SpectraLayers 5. Sound Forge 13 is better display-wise (easier on the eyes), but SpectraLayers 6 makes the VP/SF13/SL6 process untenable.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll fix this in the next patch!