Loss of Templates in Project Assistant_How Do I Resore Them?


I loaded Cubase 6 and was playing around with it (i.e. looking at the Project Assistant templates) yesterday morning, then decided to finish updating to 6.5 last evening.Before I updated to 6.5 I had all the Project Assistant templates, now there are none…there was a server failure during the upload and I had to reload everything from scratch; however got 6.5 loaded. Currently I have no Project Templates in the Project Assistant. :open_mouth:

How can I get the Project templates back?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I was hoping for some help folks. Isn’t there someone from Cubase or an expert on the forum that can give me some guidance on how to get the Project Assistant templates copied from my Cubase 6 CD to my Cubase DAW.

Thanks :neutral_face:

Try trashing prefs:


Are you using a Mac or a PC?

I use a PC:

Cubase 6.5
Intel Core 2, 3 Ghz
Izotope 3 and 4
Amplitube 2
Line 6 HD 500 Pod
1K T-Racks
Focusrite Liquid 32
Focusrite Liquid 56 Interface



Hi Shinta:

My thanks to you for your suggestion. I’ll try it this evening and see if it is successful. I appreciate the information. I had no idead how to begin to address the issue. I’ll post how it worked out.


I finally found the time to try Shinta’s proposed solution. First, the good news…Shinta’s approach does help you access a lot of information…the bad news is that the Presets file didn’t have the Cubase Project Assistant Presets or templates in it. The file shows as blank. So, my next question is can Cubase do a repair on itself? Or do I have to deinstall and reinstall the program. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Anyway… Were these templates you created?

Just to keep this post alive: I AM HAVING EXACTLY THE SAME ISSUE, AFTER UPGRADE TO 6.5 TOO!!!

As Woodcrest, are these templates you created? And did your “Previous Projects” list also go walkies?

I think you’ll find that on the original disk (on just putting it in the drive) there will be an option to repair Cubase but I’m not sure that after repair that all will be exactly as you left it so be prepared for that. It’ll probably be close enough.