Lost - A tribute to Charlie Chaplin

Hey everyone!

Just finished putting together this emotional/inspiring song as a tribute to a great man, Charlie Chaplin. It’s an atmospheric/ambienty piece combining both electronic and orchestral elements.

We took excerpts from Chaplin’s speech in his movie “The Great Dictator,” and warped them to fit in the song.

Hope you guys enjoy and let us know what you think!


Great song … like it!

great song , love the drums and may I ask what synth you used for the lead ??

prefer your other track you posted btw :wink:

keep um coming

Thanks guys, appreciate the comments!

For the lead we surprisingly used “Mystic”.Its not a synth we normally use but we were experimenting with different instruments and its sound just felt right at home on this track.

This song is definitely way different from our last one, hehe. We’ve been jumping all over the place trying out different things lately.

Mystic , wow now that’s a synth ive not used for a long time , think it’s time to blow of the dust and twiddle some knobs .
Just do what ever you feel is right at the time after all music is about feelings and moods . One day im on an ambient trip ,half an hour later im thrashing out some hardcore !

Keep the MF’s coming !!! :wink:

Awesome. Very nice work. I really liked the synth that comes in at 1:02. I think the snare could use a little more punch. I felt like it needed to explode a bit more.


thoroughly enjoyed it!

Nice work, good sounds and a good feel to the whole track but it seems to lose it’s way a bit after 4min, the end piece is nice maybe if that came at around 4 mins the piece would be more dynamic…but good stuff anyway…Kevin

I like it. Really dig the big powerful outro - then the soft, out of nowhere, ending. Nice work! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the comments, all input is always welcomed on this end.

@Lenny Lee:
Thanks man! When we were finishing that outro it just felt too cheesy to resolve the whole orchestra in that final major chord and end it right there. Instead we decided to add that small piano to carry the melody a little further without letting it resolve. Kinda like an open ending of a movie. Glad you noticed and you liked it!

Hi Andresgp, very good, enjoyed it .

Thanks man! :smiley:

So thats a sample of Chaplin speaking half way thru ?? The whole things works really well. Maybe even Charlie might have liked it himself !! :mrgreen:

i can’t quite remember, but i am sure i read some bad things about him with respect to his private life. The composition is quite ‘dark’ and so i don’t know if this particular aspect influenced you at all ??

Ha! Hopefully he would’ve! :smiley:
We went a little backwards with this composition, making the music first and finding he right speech sample later. His speech just felt right since it had that melancholic, dark but hopeful feel. It was almost luck that they fitted so well!

After adding the speech we did make a few arrangement changes, but that “dark” feel was already in the music by then. Ironic though, that the music also matches aspects of his life, I like that connection!

Thanks for the comment.

i like compositions which are created in reverse order !!

i would never have thought of using Chaplin as the voice over. But it really does work well indeed. Yes, i am sure i read somewhere that he married or dated an underage girl.

i can tell that thought and time have gone into creating this track. Good work !!

As sanctimonious as Chaplin’s soliloquy is, it expresses some things that this modern age could stand to keep in mind

I thought the music was great. Interesting how the soliloquy from “The Last Dictator” inspired you. Many critics feel it ruined a brilliantly effective satire because of its lack of subtlety.