Lost Activation Codes CUBASE 8.5


I bought cubase 8.5 and had it installed properly with activation and all. Unfortunately, I have lost those two sheets of activation codes which came with the box and I cant find them anywhere. My cubase is working fine but I wanted to use it on another PC. Is there any way to extract the activation code from the installed software? I still have the box and there is a serial number with barcodes on the back? Would that help? The elicenser is asking for activation again.

Please help me out. I am panicking!

Ali A.D.

The cubase on your pc is working fine with your elicenser?
(And only asking for re-activation on the new pc?)

If you already used the activation codes, then it doesn’t matter. You can only use the code once.

If you have the license on the dongle, just plug in the dongle to the other computer and you should be good to go.

If you have Cubase Elements and soft elicenser, you need to reactivate the license. You will be given a new activation code.
Assuming you have registered your licence at your Mysteinberg.