lost all audio playback from project

something happened when i went into vst connections, and loaded a preset while the project was playing, now i cant get any audio at all to play back from a saved project. the cursor is moving on the time line hen i press play, cant get any audio routed to vst connections anymore?

wow…please tell me this is not a bad bug?

Operator headspace and timing.

Did you re-start everything?

This is not a bad bug…

yes, restarted the project, computer, put the vst connections back to “stereo” default preset which it was at, nothing…load a new project, blank project, works fine, cant get the saved project to work now? i can post the .cpr?

ok, so its not a bug, just something cubase does? looks like i have to go to each of the 40+ tracks and re route to the master send…guess this is just a good case of…“dont touch that” heh, perhaps a faster way to send ALL the tracks back to the stereo out 1/2?

In the mixer, Ctrl- click to select the desired tracks and hold down Alt while changing the assignment on one of them.

Yeah…sometimes if you reset connections your mixer channels end up routed to no output…you need to reroute them all to the stereo out as MashedMitten explains above.