Lost all my Channel Settings drop down EQ presets?

I’m not sure exactly what I did but several weeks ago I was looking to see if I could right click on some things and get some features that I hadn’t known about and by accident I right clicked on the VST Audio Channel Settings window and discovered you can change it all around (like how it looks in radically different ways). I wound up with a crazy window that had knobs for the eq’s plus the faders, etc. 2x the size of the window that by default is the one I’m used to seeing when you go to edit an audio channels setup in the mixer window.

In the end after traveling around a bit with all those right clic select a different view,
I got back to my old standby default.
Next time I went to work on a tune (old or new) and pulled up that box and tried to select a pre-set eq like ‘soften’ or male vocal, etc. all my Steinberg (and my custom) eq presets were missing.
Now all I get is a standard tab that gives me the choice:
Save Preset
Remove Preset
Rename Preset
from Track Prest

none of those work to get me my eq presets
they are treating my eq window like it’s a VSTi and all the presets are names of instruments (like as if I’m in Halion)
and no eq’s.

Anyone know how to get the eq presets that came with cubase back?

or is a re-install all that I can do?

(maybe this is why it’s a beta and not an official release…Cubase 6.5.5 please…hah!)

help, I want my eq presets back, they are a great starting point a lot of times…

el profe :astonished:


You may need to rescan with Media Bay. Perhaps it lost track of where all your presets are.

Well I trashed my prefs and it all came back, except I lost my custom eq’s in the process.
Anyone know where in the pref’s the custom eq’s are stored.
(I dragged it to the desktop so I could rescue any parts of it).


el profe



el profe