Lost all my (track/slider) color settings after updating to Cubase 11.0.10 Pro from 11.0.0


Anyone else faced the issue of loss of all color settings after updating Cubase 11.0.0 to Cubase 11.0.10?
I setup custom colors for different track types and also for the slider buttons in the mix console. After installing 11.0.10 onto 11.0.0 all colors were reset to grey. I know that meter colors were already messed up. But not the custom colors for almost everything? That’s a pain. Crecreated my colors now but, wow, that is not the main task I’d like to do everytime I open Cubase.

Just want to check if this happened only to me or also others. If others can confrim I will open a ticket.

Thanks for checking.

Edited because I mis-read your post… My apologies my friend.


He is actually describing a different and/or additional problem… Read again!

Indeed he is… My apologies

Did you have these colour preferences in 10.5?

If so you could try replacing the 11.10 pref with the 10.5 pref file. Remember to save the 11.10 pref just in case.

\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg<program name>

I have had a similar problem as I use the Dawlabs colour set and it took me quite while to get it back again.

Actually I used Cubase 11 most recently only and setup a new color scheme for tracks and the sliders as I liked a more colorful vibe these days :wink:
In 10.5 I colored only tracks on occasion to my liking and left even the slider colors to their defaults.

Edited my title to be more specific :slight_smile:

Then I guess you are going to have to dive in and learn how the colour works in Cubase 11. Specifically:
Edit>Project Colour setup>presets. and decide how many basic colours and Tints you want to work with.

the problem is we 've done all that in Cubase 11.0 and then this update has lost it all and it wont restore them!!!

we’re not talking about track colours specifically here we’re talking about having edited fader caps, default FX pre and post send colours, FX -instrument default channel colours, they’ve all gone.


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Argeed, it is all in a mess and obviously nobody of Steinberg really cares. It’s just about colors. Perhaps it was a big mistake that we asked for colors in Cubase? Better it had been stuck in the ST monochrome design, at least with that, all “colors” were still fine :wink: