Lost all my work!

Hello, I have very big problem, early morning I was editing some midi in Cubasis, then I pressed the button backwards and I don’t understand why, but my project got back to February old version and as consequence i lost all my over 6 month work for this song! And the button forward didnt solve the situation. Now im afraid of working on another my project because of that. Please help,

Now I checked many backup files and all files here are like the same version from February version, so, I can’t restore it. What is strange that 2 audio files from yesterday recording are still here, but the rest is completely screwed (I mean audio, midi, effects and their setting).

Hi Dmitriy,

Thanks for your message.

Up front, we strongly suggest to create backups of your projects on a regular basis, to prevent data loss.
Cubasis comes with many options to do this (e.g. AirDrop, Snapshots etc.), please choose the option that best matches to your workflow.

Please open the trash folder (located in MEDIA) to check if the missing files can be found there.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Hello Lars, thank you for your reply. So as I understand there is no way of restoring my work… Audio in trash folder still here, but the problem for me is midi. It took me a lot of time to write drums and bass guitar, audio I can rerecord, it will take some time but it’s manageble. But midi… And I dont understand what actually happened… Why my project got back to February version… Over half of year of work was lost. My logic is that, if it happended one time it could happen again. Backups are great but it doesnt solve the problem. What if it happen during the recording and i’ll be unable to create a backup.

Hi Dmitriy,

Thank you for your message.

Did you give Apple’s Files App a try, to see if a backup of the Cubasis projects exists?
If not, please try these steps:

  • Launch Apple’s Files App
  • Under “Browse” choose “On My iPad”
  • Choose “Cubasis”
  • Go to “Projects” and open the folder of your project

Here, please have a look at the “Backup” folder, if it contains backup file with an actual date.
If so, please copy (do not move the file!) the file to the Cubasis 2 main folder.

In regular cases, files does not get lost, so it should always work to regularly update projects and files.

Hope that helps!


I NEVER had any file loss or corruption issues in Cubasis in years of using it. Cubasis has a solid file management and this is one of its most reliable features.

But I always take daily backups of my projects in whatever app I work - personal and even at workplace. Without backing up my work, I cannot sleep. Just backup to Google Drive or iCloud or DropBox with a tap and you are done.