Lost all notes in page view

Hi, I lost almost all my pages in “page view” in “galley view” al notes are still there!!
How can I solve this (getting all notes/pages back in page view)

hope to hear… Best… Jeroen

Do you have a Layout?

Could you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Or perhaps the project file itself?

Hi Lillie/benwiggy,
I solved the problem :slight_smile:
I had to restart Dorico and all the music was visible again in “page view”
(every now and then I also have to reboot, because the note input no longer works properly)
(Dorico also sometimes crashes when I want to change a slur )
With a reboot every now and then everything will be fine :slight_smile:
Thanks for reacting … best Jeroen

Just to say that this is not the usual or expect behaviour of Dorico, so you may want to investigate the cause of this.

Dorico is very stable for most users, and I often leave it running for days, weeks, months!

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I’ve reported this problem to Steinberg before and checked my PC thoroughly. (the slur problem was known to Steinberg and could possibly be solved in the next update)((I had this problem with both Mac and PC)
I have no problems with Finale and Sibelius or with Cubase or Wavelab.
Basically I think Dorico is a very, very good program but still misses some things (for example note input as with Sibelius and especially the rest input, that just composes faster)
But there are really many brilliant things in Dorico!!

Which part of Sibelius note input are you missing? Dorico does Pitch-before-Duration, Duration-before-Pitch, MIDI, XML-import etc.
And you know, of course, that under normal circumstances you don’t have to input rests at all?
Just move the caret along the grid.

Hi lumortensen, Yes I know… Pitch before duration but…I play with my right hand on the (MIDI) keyboard.
My left hand is on an external numeric keypad.
If I want to move the caret, I have to press the arrow key or I have to press the dot key first (for a rest). In Sibelius you can keep your hands on the keypad!. Pressing no (MIDI) note and a key on the numeric keypad produces a rest.
I think it works faster :slight_smile:

I use 0 (zero) on the Numpad to advance the caret by the currently selected note duration. I can’t remember if that’s something I customized, or if it’s default. (It’s my one concession to how it was in Finale.) Then I have the dot as … a dot.

That way, I can enter a lot without having to move my hand off the Numpad.

That is indeed more convenient than my setup … it is not standard … I have now set it like this … thanks! :slight_smile:
Final input is about the same as Sibelius note input.
With Dorico it is simply one action more!
That doesn’t seem like much, but over thousands of inputs it becomes quite a lot :slight_smile: