Lost all preferences after daylight savings time

Lost all my preferences after the recent shift to daylight savings time. I was hoping that this kinda crap would have stopped with the new licenser. Apparently not. I fail to understand why a time change has to be linked into copy protection.

  1. I found a backup of key commands. But is there a certain file which contains the various other master ‘preferences’ I can look for on a backup drive and restore?

  2. Is there -some- way to prevent this ongoing nonsense (trying to prepare ahead for the autumn.)

Never have had this happen

I backup my preferences folder once a month and also export a new “profile” (which saves preferences, key commands, etc) any time I make any changes and back that up too. I know this doesn’t help you now but def something to think about for the future to avoid issues.

My Cubase preferences didn’t change with the daylight savings time.


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No change here either after the switch to DST.

The crap you refer to was VST plugin scanning – it was never that prefs would be deleted.

The other day when I launched Cubase it was spending forever scanning plug-ins. So I thought - oh no the dreaded daylight saving scans have returned!!!

It took 10-15 minutes for me to realize the time change wouldn’t occur until the next day. Eventually figured out it was an error message hidden behind a browser Window.

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Thanks to all the not helpful people for which this problem is not happening. I suppose it’s comforting to see that some things never change.

However, I continue to fail to understand why, with the newfangled licensing scheme, Cubase -still- needs to do a plug-in re-scan twice a year.

Regardless, I’d still appreciate knowing the name of the file(s) which store the main Preferences. TIA.

That is not what you said had happened in your OP.

It doesn’t. We just did the DST time change in the USA, and there were no reports of this. There must be something wrong with your setup.

Pretty sure it hasn’t done that for quite awhile now - maybe starting with 11.0? In any case 12 for certain doesn’t do this.

That is exactly what happened. The loss of prefs occurred as soon as the scan was complete. You either believe me or not.

But the question still remains: what is the name of the prefs file, pretty please?

What do you mean by “the main Preferences”?

You’ve been around here long enough to know how these things work, right? :thinking:

Wouldn’t there be more people posting outrageously if the time change really caused loss of preferences? There must have been something else.