Lost Amplitube and other plugins

Hello, I upgraded to Cubase 8 and started a new project. After using Amplitube for a few days, the next time I brought up the project, I got a warning message stating the plug-in could not be found, and two other plugs. I tried reinstalling Amplitube and even the Cubase 8 update with no luck. These plugs show up and work just fine in Studio One 2 Pro so it seems to be an issue with cubase.

I’ve emailed support but got a message stating the response times are long, so figured I’d try here.


Did you take a look if the plugins are really scanned?
Take a look in the Plugin Manager if you find the plugs.
If not, i assume you have to enter the Plugin-path of your VST-Plugins in the Plugin-Manager.

I rescanned for plugins and it showed up. I didn’t think I’d have to do that since it was there and working properly, and i hadn’t made any changes. Thanks!