Lost and/or Corrupted Files Issue

I spent yesterday writing and printing a MIDI track. I saved the project under a new name. I closed the project. Nuendo 11.2 hung up on the shut down. I had to close it with the task manager.

This morning, when I launched the project. N11 opened in safe mode. But my latest project wasn’t listed. It told me that I had a newer project than the previous version I could open. Experience has taught me that I can bypass this option (BUT SAVE THE NEWER CREATED FILES) and it will show up in the Recent Projects folder. This time it didn’t.

My new MIDI file was there. But the print I made wasn’t. It was not in the pool. So, I re-printed the track. When I labeled the track, it told me I already had this track in the pool. But the track was not found anywhere in the pool.

I went searching for the original track and found it in a folder that I didn’t create. I copied it over to the correct folder and imported it into the pool. It added a “-01” to the title. But the original IS NOT IN THE POOL. So, how do I find and clean this invisible fragment from the pool?

Probably by just starting a completely new project, importing the MIDI (export it first from the old session of course) and then printing the audio again.

Once you are good, delete the old messed up project.