Lost audio files


I have upgraded from Cubase 7 to 10.5 and I’m still getting used to the differences.
I have recorded a song with a choir and simply saved it as a project. When I reloaded the project the audio files are ‘not found’ but I don’t know how to go about finding them. The instrument files are on Halion Sonic and Sample Tank and they are fine.

Can anyone help please?


whooo… this is vague…
there is not enough information to provide reliable help… just guessing possible
did you save the project before you started recording?
is there a “Project Folder” set?
or just standard project locatoion?

check you pool where the missing file should be. I guess you changed something on your computer?

in the pool also the filename should be listed, search your drives for it

Thanks for your replies.
To add some more information. This is the way I worked.

I prepared the backing as usual using Halion and Sampletank 3. They are still fine. I added the vocal lines as normal audio and created a folder for all the songs for the choir. In the main folder I created sub folders for each song where I saved all the individual MP3s that I transferred to the the project. I still have those MP3s but if I start again I will have to do all the editing again which will take days.

When I saved the project, simply saved ‘save file as…’

I have tried another song with midi and audio and have no problem.

I have an external hard drive which I have used as a backup. Maybe the project went there! The trouble is that drive now shows a message “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”. I hope to find someone who can deal with that problem so I can check there.

Fingers crossed!