Lost Audio Tracks - Only a mix remains

In a folder dating from 2018, I find only two tracks, which are identical mixes. My individual instrumental tracks are all gone. That happens for all the songs contained in the same mother folder. Any idea?
Thank you for the help

Have you checked the Visibility Tab to see if it’s hidden.

The Visibility tag is there,and shows only those two tracks which are actually mixes. The individual tracks are gone.
the tag name is 181215_014953
The input connection is only Stereo Ins,all other have disapeared.

Have you tried opening any .bak files in Cubase?

I don’t understand what you mean by “tag name”

I don’t either…

Terminology matters (and I admit that I’m not always perfectly respecting it, but still…).

So, a ‘folder’ or a ‘project’ ? If it’s a project created 6 years ago, any changes done, setup related, since ?

I guess that it’s a ‘true’ folder (at the OS level). From which I also have to guess that your ‘songs’ are actually ‘projects’. Precisions would be welcomed…

@raino was talking about the visibility taB, which is in Cubase left zone of either the arrange page or the MixConsole. So, where this taG name comes from ? Seems that it is related to a given date, but what is truely involved ? Screenshots of the involved project arrange page would also help us to understand what is going on…


I join a screenshot of Cubase Project Morning_Rupak_04_best

As you can see, the individual instrument tracks are gone

DATE: the backup is from 17 12 2018

All the subfoders of the mother folder have suffered the same problem: All individual tracks are gone and replaced by a mix

VISIBILITY it was indeed the visibility tab not tag, sorry

Thank you for the help


Thanks for the precisions.

From what I see in your screenshot, the missing content are actually audio recordings. So, the first thing I would check is the Media > Pool window content. Are the missing files/clips listed in it ?

I still don’t get what are the “subfolders” and the “mother folder”. Can you show the actual content of the Morning_Rupak_04 one ? I suspect a media reference issue…


Thanks for the suggestion

Unfortunately the missing files are not in the pool

The tracks in the pool are the mix tracks and short clips of them

They correspond to the Audio tracks in the folder.

The most bizarre, is that the same happened for all songs of the same mother folder. They were all reduced to two tracks their mixes.

Thanks for the help


Are you sure ? I ask this because, in the Pool window, I see two files with exactly the same names as their corresponding empty audio track in the project, and I also see all the files needed in Windows Explorer screenshot. So, could you make another screenshot of the Pool window, with ALL the files listed (the Search panel is of no help, presently).

So, why do the ‘short clips’ have exactly the same names as the empty tracks ?

I guess that, by ‘folder’, you mean ‘project’. Again, terminonolgy matters…

If all the files are there, you should be able to :

  1. Select a given empty track
  2. Select the corresponding audio file missing in this track, in the Pool window
  3. In the same window, use the Media > Insert into Project command.


You are right

I listened to the tracks you mention

They are just clips of the full mix tracks

They are unfortunately not the missing instrument tracks.

If there are not known CUBASE malfunctions of this sort, I could see a personal mistake in what happened

I se that my .CPR project is numbered Rupak 04

And I don’t see numbers 01, 02, 03

At that time, and till recently, I used to delete the .cpr files, just by deleting them in Windows Explorer , because I didnn’t see any DELETE options in the CUBASE/FILE menu

Maybe, by doing that I caused the problems we see now…

Could it be that I somehow bounced Rupak 03 audio files in a mix Rupak 04, in order to further equalize it

And then deleted the rupak 03 project, only by Windows operation.

By doing that the irreparable happened: audio files were deleted

I mean , that could be an explanation.

However I still don’t see that I did that operation for the full mother files, where all the cpr projects have the same problem…

Unless there is this CUBASE 13 PRO option, ‘mix all .CPR projects and delete the audio files’…

Thanks for the help


You don’t need to bounce a track to create a new numbered version, you just hit Save New Version from the File menu rather than Save and this happens.

It took me a long time to realise that Cubase file management wasn’t intuitive for me, and I still have to think about it. I have many old project folders with missing Audio subfolders, and many “orphaned” subfolders / audio tracks from the days I was unknowingly saving projects into the “wrong” folder.

I would try searching for “Rupak” and “181215” on your hard drive with File Explorer (if you’re on Windows) to see if any of those projects or audio files are misplaced rather than deleted. Good luck.

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FYI @Daniel_Schell I was trying to write wildcard search terms i.e. star Rupak star but that must be shorthand for italics in this forum - search the whole drive with wildcards on the terms if you need them and fingers crossed for you.

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Hello jbspoons1

I followed your advice and searched for “Rupak” and “181215” as you recommended

But I found nothing new, only the tracks which are there

All the single Audio tracks have disappeared.

I guess that’s it

A bizarre phenomenon appeared, which I cannot explain.

Before this event happened, maybe I made a mistake by deleting .cpr projects simply by deleting them in the Explorer. For instance , happy to have RUPAK 04, I deleted RUPAK 01 , 02, 03… BY doing that , maybe I deleted the audio files…???

BTW, there is nothing as a DELETE command in the FILE menu of Cubase.

I guess the only safe command is BACKUP project and make as many BACKUP as possible.

Thanks for the help


Ah, sorry to hear that Daniel.

Deleting the cpr files in Explorer shouldn’t have deleted the audio files.

The only thing I can thing is that the project (cpr) file and audio files were in different folders by mistake (which I’ve had happen a LOT). If the audio files ended up in a different project folder and you did any housekeeping like removing unused media files, it might have inadvertently deleted those files.

I’m using a tool called FreeFileSync to back up all my user documents onto a shared NAS drive, and from there backing up again to a second PC. That way I have all of the files in 3 places, even if some of the file structure is messed up!

Hi jbspoons

Thanks for the explanation

I shall check again if the audio is not in another folder

And I shall trry FreeFileSync

Thanks for the suggestion and help