Lost Audio tracks

I have created files in the following way.

First I use midi tracks for the backing then add audio tracks for the vocal parts.
I save them as Cubase project files (Cubase 6)

When I have gone back to them, and re-opened them, some of them come up with the message,
‘Resolve Missing Files’ with the options, Locate, Folder and Search.

I have read the help page but I’m still finding it impossible to find the audio tracks which I really need!

I am wondering if I have saved the files incorrectly (although some of them have re-opened with the audio tracks).

I have with some of them copied and pasted the files into a new folder. Could that cause a problem? If so, why might that be?

I really need to find the existing audio tracks as they have taken a long time to do!

Can anyone help? I probably need a solution in SIMPLE LANGUAGE!



Project audio folder

Thanks ‘Immortal’

Is there a reason why the audio tracks get separated?

In this way, you always know where to find them :slight_smile:

Cubase puts all recorded audio files in the ‘Project name’\Audio\ folder. If you reference files from a different place, it will work, but it will also become a mess. So best practice is to place all audio files (or copies of them) in the Cubase Audio folder, and THEN reference them in Cubase. Another way is to tell Cubase upon importing that you want a copy placed in this folder.