Lost Audio Units

Suddenly my Cubasis2 and Cubasis3 lost all plugins Audio Units, it took a reboot of the iPad to restore them under Cubasis, is this normal? Thanks.

Hi @Mitikas,

Thank you for your message.

We’ve read about similar topics in the past, which were related to iOS back then.

In this case, please give it a try to close all apps, including Cubasis, and fully shut down the iPad.

Does this help to immediately resolve the problem?

Best wishes,

Thank you, Lars!
Yes, it helps))

Hi @Mitikas,

Glad to read, that restarting the iPad resolved the problem.

In addition, please note that Cubasis 3.3.1 has just been released, which resolves the most frequent user reported issues:

Best wishes,

This is after upgrade to 3.3.1))))))))

Hi @Mitikas,

In the past we’ve read about missing AUv3 plug-ins, caused by an iOS issue.
I’d suggest to give these steps a try:

(1) Load an empty project
(2) Close all running apps, including Cubasis
(3) Fully shut down the iPad

Please let me know if all AUv3 plug-ins load as expected afterwards.